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Friday, September 21, 2007

I finally got off my bootie

o.k. it wasn't much but I actually got off my bootie at work and decided I was going to do something so I walked the stairs 3 times. I work on the 8th floor so I went down and actually back up to the 9th floor THREE times! Whew, my heart was beating fast by the end and I am sweating. I think I need to start doing this twice a day. It didn't take me too long really, I actually walk at a decent pace. I am not lolly gaggin' on those stairs by any means. Gosh, it is amazing how good it feels to just do that. WHEW! I am still sweatin' drinking my water. o.k., isn't it amazing the little things that you can do that make you proud of yourself. Crazy.

Tonight we have a family birthday to celebrate for my cousin then tomorrow afternoon we will be going to a football game. So tomorrow I am going to have to get my exercise in sometime. If I am really ambitious I might get up in the morning and walk/jog before J leaves to go to work. If I decide to sleep in then I will have to do a FIRM tape while the girls are asleep. Best case scenario I get up and go in the morning then I could always take a nap when the girls nap. That sounds like a better idea actually b/c it is not as if I would be able to slepe that late anyway. Stay tuned on Monday to find out what I did.

Plus, I need to exercise on Sunday. Maybe my friend Tara and I will go for a run. I will check into that as a possibility.

o.k., I am off here. Time to wrap up today and get out of here in 30 minutes.

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