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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back in the game!

Well, I am back in the game. I did my upper body strength training before bed last night. My sweet husband said he was proud of me. That made me feel good. I mean I could SO easily go to bed but NO, I did my workout. I really want to get up in the AM and get it over with but I haven't been making myself so if I don't then at night before bed is when I must do it. I told my husband that I didn't have a choice that I have already signed up for the St. Jude half marathon and I will NOT be un-prepared so if this is what I have to do at 10 PM at night then that is what I have to do. I will do another 3 mile run tonight then I will take a DOR on Thursday then I will do my long run of 7-8 miles either Friday or Saturday, not sure yet. I would love to get it done on Friday so maybe I can work that out. If was crazy ambitious I could get up around 5:30 AM and do it b/c I don't have to leave the houes until 8:15 to take the girls to school. That probably won't happen though but in a perfect world that is when I would do it. It will probalby take place Saturday afternoon/evening. I will let you know though after it is complete. After I get in my 4 workouts this week that will be about as much as I have done over the last 5 weeks. I know, I was bad but not any longer. I AM BACK!

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Teresa said...

It's nice to know I'm human and not the only one who slips up on exercise sometimes. You are definately more disciplined then me though. I'm going to use BL as my motivation while it's on. Good luck with the 1/2 marathon, you will do fine, you always do.