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Friday, September 5, 2008

We lost but we have potential!

The 8th grade team lost 8-21 but I see room for improvement. We shall see as the season goes on. They are bound to get better and more confident though. J wasn't too upset. It doesn't bother him as bad as long as he knows his kids played hard and did the best they could. If you get beat you just get beat. Now he has something to go off though and can see where their weaknesses are and do what he needs to do to improve upon those.

This weekend we are hopefully cleaning out the garage and mowing the yard. I need to weed my flower bed too so I can stay on top of that so I think I will try to get that done also. We are going to some friends house on Saturday night to watch our beloved Razorbacks play on TV so that will be fun.

I plan to have a small splurge meal on Saturday night at our friends house but I am going to keep it under control and not go hog wild.

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