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Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun weekend in store!

You will be glad to know that I got my 2nd short run in for the week last night. I will do 7 miles at some point this weekend. Tomorrow is our oldest daughters 4th birthday. She is so excited! I can hardly believe it but it is true. We are having a party for her on Sunday. She has asked me everyday this week if it is her birthday yet. I was finally able to tell her this morning that when she wakes up tomorrow that it will be her birthday. We are getting her a bike. I think she will be really excited about that. Can't wait to give it to her. I plan on having my splurge meal at her party on Sunday. We will have cake, ice cream, hot dogs and chips. It will be worth it b/c I love a good grilled hot dog and chips and of course I love me some ice cream. Not as crazy about cake but I am sure I will have a small piece, it just kind of goes with ice cream ya know.


Bikini Envy said...

Congratulations on your lil one's birthday. Four is such an adorable age, they're old enough to fully converse but young enough that they really don't understand everything they're saying.

Have fun :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Bday wishes! Hope your lil girl had a great bday as well! Just read thru some of your blog and saw the before and after pictures - awesome job!! You should do the Soaring Wings Half on Oct 25th - in Conway!