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Monday, September 22, 2008

"Mom I am 4"

Do you remember the days (you probably don't b/c I don't either) that you were SO EXCITED about your birthday and you talked about it for days before and just had the time of your life during and still talked about getting older afterwards. Well, if you don't remember it I am confident that life was that way when you were under the age of 20. My now 4 year old little girl said this morning in her most excited morning voice "Mom, I am 4". It was SO CUTE!! Saturday teh 20th was her birthday and we hung out all day and played and watched cartoons then at night we went to see her pig, Molly then we went to eat pizza at her fav pizza place. While we were there she said "If you would sing Happy Birthday to me I would really love it." Oh my gosh is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard. Well, I was all for it and it would not have bothered me a bit to stand up in the restaurant and get everyone's attention and ask them to sing Happy Birthday to her but for my kind of shy husband that was not going to happen. I really should have done it anyway, next time I will. He didn't want that kind of attention I guess, no one would have been looking at him anyway they would have been looking at our adorable 4 year old who was grinning ear to ear. Next time I am doing it. Oh well, so anyway, we didn't but we had sang to her several other times that day and then her party was going to be Sunday and we would sing then. Speaking of her party, it was SO MUCH FUN! She had a BLAST!! She got lots of great toys and some clothes and over $50 in cash! I will post pictures soon.

Moral of the story, do your best to remember back then when you LOVED your birthday and just be thankful you made it one more year. Now, THAT is A LOT to be thankful for.


Wess and Kristal said...

Isn't it unbelievable how fast it goes by? That is such an adorable story! We do have a lot to be thankful for :o)

~Les said...

How sweet is that?!?! Can't wait to see pics of your little 4 year old. :0)


P.S. Ummmm, I remember the "getting excited about your birthday" thing. I STILL get that excited about my birthday and I'm 30. LOL!