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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Weekend!

Football is officially over for J. WOOT WOOT!! He loves it and I enjoy it while it lasts, the games at least, but we are both always glad when it comes to an end. It is just so time consuming. It has perfect timing though since it finishes in early November and then the holiday season begins and we all know how things get busy in November and December. Oh, I should probably report that his 8th grade team lost and the 9th grade team won. We will take 1 out of 2 and it is actually more important that the 9th grade wins so that is a plus.

Tomorrow the Razorbacks play South Carolina so we are going to that game and taking our girsl. I hope it goes well. I know they will get restless. The game is during Lizzie's nap so she will be tired. I am hoping for the best though and that they enjoy it.

I met again with my personal trainer this morning. It went GREAT!! I was a little worried b/c I did not sleep well last night. Just tossed and turned and woke up often. I just didn't get good rest. I thought I might be sluggish this morning but I wasn't. YEA!! I worked hard and I did not get light headed this time. I really like her and we work well together.

I am not planning any food splurges this weekend. I need to stay consistent with my healthy eating and I plan to do that.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy the first weekend of November. WOW!


Becca said...

Good Job on no food splurges this weekend Dawn!! One big cheat meal will set you back (0r break you even, Rather, well, depending on how you look at it)so this is a good choice as far as reaching your goals sooner!! If you cut a few hundred cals a day, it could easily be consumed in one night of pizza and beer...I am so excited for your changes. Good to here you are sticking it out with the trainer too - lol, tired or not...Nap later!! LOL

The Lewis's said...

Glad to hear the 2nd training session went great!