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Monday, November 16, 2009

Gloomy Monday

It is rainy and dreary and cold here today. Just one of those days you really want to stay in bed ALL day long. I totally could have too since I am having some sinus congestion issues since Friday night. UGH. Having sinus issues just makes you feel run down. Could be worse though so I am doing my best to stay positive about it and hope it goes away in a few days. I broke out my neti-pot. I heart the neti pot!

This past weekend on Saturday my Mom, Dad and I took the girls to a drive through zoo. It is called the Gentry Drive Thru Safari. They loved it. We all loved it. So glad we finally went. What a great way to spend a few hours on the weekend. It was a beautiful day too.

So I have been struggling with my food on the weekends and keeping it consistent. The only way I will drop the fat that I want to is if I am consistent with the food. Well....I FINALLY did it. I had a solid weekend and didn't stray from my healthy food path and I am THRILLED!!! I needed that to show myself that I could do it. I didn't even miss the foods I usually eat. Not that I typically just totally fall off the wagon or anything b/c I don't but I do typically eat foods that are not in my weekly plan.

My goal as of now is the keep my food solid until Thanksgiving day. I want to earn that splurge that I plan on having. I CAN DO IT!! I WILL DO IT!!


Shannon said...

Good for you! I fell off the wagon this weekend - except I'm still carbonated beverage free! Anywho, I really like Pilates (except for the fact that I'm not flexible enough to do some of the moves). I like that I can really feel the burn in my ab muscles. But, I've yet to try a Yoga class. I might try Wednesday's Yoga Class. Maybe. :)

Therese said...

I have the same problem when it comes to the weekend! That's why I decided to go with Structure Fitness...I needed a solid plan that I could follow 24-7. No excuses!

If you are thinking about doing a competition they would be perfect to help you train!