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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Tonight is my husbands 8th grade football teams last game. We play the across town rival, Woodland (where I actually went to Jr. High). I am sending up my prayers and best wishes that we get a "W". It is always a fun way to end the year on a HIGH! If we don't win I hope we just play hard. J will be satisfied with that even if we can't pull out a victory.

The girls are so excited, they love the games and mostly love to wear their cheerleading outfits. It finally isn't raining on a Thursday night. We have missed several games this year b/c it has rained so much and I am not talking sprinkling. I am talking storms and down pours. NOT FUN!

So I meet with my PT in the morning at 5:30. Looking forward to it again. I didn't do exactly what I needed to this week to be completely ready but I am getting there. This is a process making yourself exercise consistently week after week and upping the intensity where it needs to be each time. OY! It is TOUGH but worth it after you are done every time. I never regret exercising.

This morning I woke up at 4:48 AM and looked at the clock thinking the alarm was going to go off in 22 minutes at 5:10. So I laid there and dozed off and then woke up again at 5:04 then openened my eyes again at 5:09 and said GET OUT OF BED, you are totally awake. Save the alarm from going off and I might not wake up J. So I did. Got in a great TM workout to start my day off on the right foot.

So wish the RAMAY INDIANS luck tonight...we need it!

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Brandi said...

Good Luck Indians!! Hopefully they will end the season on a good note!