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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Football pictures

Here are pictures from J's Fall 2009 football season coaching the 8th grade football team.

Miss Chloe is such a poser.

Uncle Brett with his two favorite girls. Is that Woodland (the across town rival) blue he has on?

Chloe and another coaches daughter, Emma Kate, cheering on the track with the cheerleaders.

Nana (My Mom) and the girls at the last football game of the season.

Watching Daddy work and wondering what in the world those big things are on his ears.
He is in the booth for the 9th grade game communicating with the coaches on the field from a much better view.

At the last football game between the across town rivals, Woodland, they had an "alumni" nite. Well, I am an Alum of that school. So I proudly walked out on the field with my one other alum that was at the game for our graduation time period from there. Of course I was sporting my Ramay Red. I love both schools, I am very torn. Now, I didn't stand in the run through line for the 9th grade to come onto the field like all the other alums did. That might have been crossing the line.

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Teresa said...

Your girls are just so cute. I miss having a little girl. Now all I have are little dirty faced boys running around. They won't wear a cute little dress for me. LOL