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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't really have anything important to say, I don't guess I ever do but I just thought I would check in here and let you know things are just moving along although they seem like they are creeping like the slowest turtle you know.

My weight hasn't budged my trainers tell me not to worry that it will come off. My husband swears I look smaller. I will just take his word for it.

For 2 weeks my body was adjusting to my new menu with some more carbs then now that has been taken away b/c I wasn't seeing progress on it so now I am adjusting to a much lower carb plan and today it took its toll with me being VERY SLEEPY this morning. SO SO SLEEPY!! I am thinking it will pass though when my body gets adjusted again. I did really well with the lower carb meal plan for 12 weeks so I will get back to feeling better.

I have been told to push the weights even more and lift heavier. I can do that. I have been at this for 15 weeks so I just gotta keep pushing my body a little more and more to get it to make the changes that it needs to. I am too close to stop now. 13 weeks will be here before we know it.

See, I told you this was random, I don't have much to report. I hope everyone is doing well.


cerina said...

Keep it going mama!! Your doing a super fantastic job!!!!! You are my modivation .. hope that's not too much pressure on ya. :D Love your blog and how focused you are :D

Tara said...

You just have to have faith. There are times where it does feel like nothing is happening or working and then all of a sudden..... Whoosh there it is!! We aussie girls call it the Whoosh Fairy :o)

Hope she visits you real soon. xx

The Skinner's said...

I agree with Jeremy! You looked great last week!!!!

Jenny said...

Hang in there! You don't know me but I'm so inspired by you and the changes you've made in your life. I've lost my first 9 pounds with many more to go. I'm impressed with your dedication and so excited to see you reach your goals.

Becca said...