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Friday, March 12, 2010


per·se·ver·ance  - steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

THIS IS ME!!! In spite of the scale plateauing for what seems like forever but what has actually been about 3 -4 weeks I am still keeping on keeping on.

My exercise has been GREAT and consistent. My food has been completely on target with no wavering. My body is looking better I believe but the scale shows none of that. Which is why I do know it is only one small measure of success and when I say small I mean very very tiny.

It is bound to move when it is good and ready and like Becca said, when you are on stage no one knows your weight which is an excellent point and something I need to remember.

Tim has laid down the law and said NO WEIGHING! DO NOT STEP ON THE SCALE!! So that is what I will do.

We are headed out of town this weekend overnight for a get away with some friends. We are going to watch some state title basketball games. Both boys and girls teams from our town are in the games and then a neighboring towns boys team also so we are going to cheer them on. Oh, and we are hitting up the horse races while we are there too. A couple of days with friends and no kids. WOOT!! Should be fun. I do have ALL of my food packed for tonight and all day tomorrow and I have my workout clothes with me to get in some cardio outside in the morning. I will do some running/walking on the golf course that we are staying near. NO REST for a bikini competitor. HA!

Have a great weekend ya'll and thank you again for all of the continued support and encouragement from those that comment on my blog to those that comment to me in person.


Tricia said...

have a great weekend!

cerina said...

Have a super fun time!! :D

Kelly said...

You're doing so great!! I'm proud of you girl. I still think about you and that marathon. Makes me want to try one. :)

Have a great time this weekend and stay away from that scale. It lies anyway. Right?!

Drazil said...

Have a wonderful time. You deserve it!

Becca said...

As long as you are looking better as the weeks go on, that's what we care about. Remember, this contest is based on how you look - not how you feel, your weight, your body fat percentage...just the look. Have fun this weekend!! You have earned a weekend away!!

Brandi said...

Aww we will be at the races next weekend! Have fun!

Tara said...

I have been sitting at 67kgs for what seems like forever!! I dropped to 65kg and have gone back up to 67kg. I am now 4wks out of comp and it is doing my head in. However, you can see that every day I am making changes and leaning out regardless of what the scales say. Stupid water retention!!! I find it hard to not weigh myself. Relax and do try to have a wonderful weekend Dawn!