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Monday, March 29, 2010

Come on FOCUS, I need ya now!

I have been MIA for several days. Work has been crazy busy then home life is ALWAYS crazy busy with two little munchkins running around. One of my sweet munchkins, Lizzie, will turn THREE on Thursday, April 1st. WOW WOW WOW!! My how the good times fly by. Can't believe she is THREE.

I am doing well. The scale moved down this week FINALLY to 134 flat on Saturday morning. WOOT!! I can tell too in my updated pictures. I am just getting smaller and smaller as the weeks go by and I have 11 weeks left before the competition.

I am 11 weeks out and I am READY for it to be here. It is getting harder as each day goes by. Keeping up with all of the exercise and keeping the food focus is TOUGH! I am not caving with the food by any means, I will not eat anything not on my plan, I feel confident about that BUT I have to fight myself constantly with it. I DO NOT regret making this committment at all and I know it is going to be 100% worth it (it is already worth it) but I tell ya I cannot wait to get back to normal everyday healthy balanced eating and a more normal liveable exercise schedule. I CANNOT WAIT!

Speaking of foods, you get a little deseperate for something other than meat or veggies so I made a protein cake concoction and it is GOOD and is like a bread/cake consistency. It helps hit the spot a little. I had attempted it before with water but finally realized you gotta use egg whites and it does so much better.

1 scoop of protein powder of choice (I have cake batter and I have tried chocolate too)
1-2 egg whites (do one and then add one more if needed, you just wanted it blended well)
1/2 tsp of baking soda
I add cinnamon just b/c I love cinnamon but you don't have to.

mix prot powd, egg whites and baking soda together and put in glass bowl and microwave for 2 minutes.

Then I take mine out and put additional cinnamon and some splenda on it. YUM! I think peanut butter would be good on it too if you can eat that.

I have pictures of this but they aren't posting. I will have to do that later. Plus, I might post an updated pic of me too.


Therese said...

Sounds pretty darn close to my protein muffin :) Minus the applesauce of course!

That is why I could never do a competition. I have dicipline to an extent, but at the end of the day I could never say goodbye to Greek yogurt, fruit etc for an extended amount of time lol.

Drazil said...

Well holy crap you are shrinking! Good job!

Lindsay said...

You have the MGN protein, right? I do 25 g and then water, baking soda and splenda and mix mix mix. Only microwave for 30 seconds, it's softer and freakin' delicious!

Great job on dropping to 134!!!

The Gibson's said...

Did you come up with your own food plan or get it somewhere? I've been trying to come up with some healthy meals and seems like I can't come up with many.

Tara said...

Hey Dawn, this was such a great post!! so many ppl (inc myself) stray from comp nutrition during prep. I myself become the queen of Justifying it to myself. I love your attitude. I am going to remind myself of this every single time I drool over a piece of chocolate!

11 wks will fly past. you are doing so well! xx

Becca said...

Dawn, FABULOUS POST! I know I am a few days late but you knwo how I am with blogger. LOVED this post. Keep on busting it out girl. You continue to amaze me and OTHERS!!!
THis next 11 weeks is gonna be great for you - emotionally and physically hard, no doubt, but besides rocking a bikini and hooker heels, nothing will compare with the mental gains and memories, and knowlege you are overcoming and gaining. You will look back in a year and be like, "WHOA". Just like I feel everytime I see that pic of you on the sidebar.
You're keeping your good parts, and growing and changing in ways too.