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Friday, March 5, 2010


For the first time ever in my live I have done an AM cardio session for 7 days in a row! On one other occasion about 1 1/2 years ago I did 6 sessions in one week, I remember it very vividly b/c at that time that was my record. I have now surpassed that and completed 7 days of AM cardio.

The scale isn't moving but I could care less b/c I feel SO GOOD about what I accomplished this week with my exercise. The wonderful thing about this competition process is that you get so many other rewards. I have already talked about how much I enjoy the smaller clothes and just the way my existing clothes fit me and then the types of clothes I wear now that I never wore before is just such a bonus. Putting in a good workout and doing it consistently is equally as rewarding. I am bettering my health and my mind and I love that about this process.

Now, we know I typically take things day to day b/c it is very easy to get overwhelmed quickly with this process BUT I have decided to step it up a bit an I am going for a goal of exercising EVERY DAY in March. So that is 31 days straight! I have completed 5 days and I have 26 left. I know I can do it but boy I have to stay committed that is for sure.

Disclaimer - I only recommend this type of consistent day to day exercise if you are doing something like a competition. This is not a normal exercise schedule in someone's every day life. After the competition I will go back to 4-5 days of exercise each week which is doable for the long haul.

I will be exercising on Saturday and Sunday morning although I plan to get up a little later around 7 or 8 and not my usual 4:48 AM.

Have a great weekend and as I always say (words adopted from a fellow Phit-N-Phater), KEEP THE FOOD CLEAN AND THE WORK OUTS DIRTY!


Jessica said...

You can do it! I did 105 days straight after not having worked out in a year!! Way to go, Dawn!

The Graves Gang said...

Rah!!!Rah!!! My turn to cheer for you!!!

Channa said...

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Thanks again for your comment!!

Becca said...

You are rockin!! But you already knew that! :)