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Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st...already? Progress pics too!

Can you believe that 2 months of 2010 have passed already. CRAZY I tell ya!!
I am doing pretty well. This process is HARD to say the least. Typically very rewarding as I have said before b/c you often see changes in your body pretty frequently. Although, February was not one of those months for me. My weight went down about 3 pounds and my inches budged but not as much as I had hoped.

Of course you can only do so much and you cannot help how your body responds to what you are doing. As of last week I started a new menu that is carb cylcing and 3 days a week I eat 1500 cals, 3 days a week I eat 1200 cals and 1 day I eat a whopping 2000 calories in which I get to eat lots of oatmeal, brown rice and a sweet potato on that day in addition to lean meats and green veggies. So I know my body is adjusting to that. Also, I have gone up in my weights that I lift. Really trying to push the envelope with the weights since that is when you truly see the changes in your muscles. I have been working out 2 days a week at the gym with my husband as of last week and that really helps b/c he can spot me and help me along with a few lifts when my muscles get tired. As of Saturday I started doing cardio 7 days a week. I am 3/3 this week working out Saturday, Sunday and Monday so "YEA", I am off to a great start with that. I had to step it up to get this stubborn fat off b/c it is very comfortable right now it seems.
Oh and I continue to pass up on EVERY SINGLE MORSEL of food that is NOT on my plan. No licking of fingers or anything. My husband desperately wanted pizza last night and of course this is my choice to do this and I do not want others around me to feel like they have to eat chicken and aspargus constantly and he has not had pizza since the end of December so I said go ahead and order one for you and the girls but it has to be a small so you won't eat the entire medium pizza and there won't be any leftovers. He ordered it and picked it up and it totally hit the spot for him and the girls love pizza of course. I sat there and happily ate my chicken and aspargus and thought about how AWESOME I AM GOING TO LOOK ON STAGE IN A BIKINI. HA!
Speaking of the husband he has lost 10 pounds (some that he regained from last fall when he lost some) and is back on his plan as of this morning after having his pizza last night and is meeting me at the gym weekly now and even went to the gym today by himself. GO HUSBAND!!!
Here are some progress pics taken from today of me at 136.4 as of this morning. I am in my bra/panties and my sexy stripper heels. WOOT!


Kelly said...

You look fantastic. It sounds like a difficult thing to prepare for but you are doing great. Keep up the hard work and it'll pay off. Lovin the stripper heels. :) just need a pole now. Did I just say that? LOL You know pole dancing is supposed to be a good workout! Seriously. I think I'm going off on a tangent now so I'll cut it off.


The Graves Gang said...

Whoop...Whoop!!! AWESOME!!!

Jessica said...

Wow Dawn! Just think what you'll look like in a few week! INCREDIBLE progress already! woot woo!!

i am Susan said...

You are doing simply amazing. Way to keep your eye on the prize.

cerina said...

OMG, You go GURL!! You look amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl..

Just wanted to let you know I had to redo my blog, so I'm at a new location..


Anonymous said...

Amazing!!!! We weigh the same, but yet you look SO MUCH BETTER than I do! I'm jealous! You better believe I'm going to the gym this afternoon now! You rock!

Jessica's Journey said...

Great job......You are looking so incredible.

The Lewis's said...

Doing great Dawn! Keep up the good work! That is wonderful J has been hitting the gym to!!

michelle said...

You look great. Congratulations!

Becca said...

Dawn -
I am so proud of you!! You are REALLY DOING THIS girlie!! It does suck when the scale doesn't move or the inches don't move AS MUCH as we want them to, but that happens with everyone from time to time. 14 weeks. keep it up. Between your determination and your support system at home with "ron" and your blogger/Structure Fit Fam, you got this!!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

WTG on 7 days! i'm sure you can do it for the month of march! congrats on staying on plan. you rock! you are going to look awesome on stage! keep going!