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Friday, March 19, 2010

Food, body fat and exercise.

I eat a lot of egg whites, chicken, veggies and protein powder...it can get old after a while so I do what I can to change things up or spice things up from time to time so that I can endure it for 12 more weeks (12 weeks out as of tomorrow. EEEK!).

I bought some new protein powder, cake batter flavored. I made some protein pancakes from a recipe that I got from another blog, The Weigh I Am. The protein powder was her suggsetion also and I LIKE IT!! She used cinnmon roll prot powder though and I used cake batter flavored. you can use any flavor though and she also uses coconut oil which I have heard is GOOD and I don't have any of that.

Regardless with my substittuions the protein pancakes still were very tasty: The brand of protein is Muscle Gauge Nutrition and I have heard the other flavors are very good as well. One of the plusses of this prot powd is that they use stevia as sweetener and not aspartame or some other not as heatlhy sweetener.

And for some sugar free, competition friendly maple syrup check this out that Genie figured out how to make. I havn'et made it yet but you can bet that I intend to.

I also got a recipe from Becca for a stir fry with egg whites. I made this the other night. YUM!! I also ate it last night so two nights in a row I liked it so much. Becca makes hers with a can of chop suey veggetables that you guy in the chinese food isle at the grocery store. I whipped up my own veggies at home with an onion, green bell pepper, cabbage and cauliflower and satueed them with olive oil spray and put in some soy sauce. Then I cooked 1 cup of egg whites scrambled and added some soy sauce to that then topped the egg whites with the veggies and OH SO GOOD!!! Becca also puts red pepper flakes on hers and I did that to mine last night and really liked it.

The egg whites give you the protien and take the place of the rice at the same time. This will be a new staple in my meal plan.

Body fat:
I took my body fat several months ago with an Omron handheld tester. Those things are not completely accurate at all but I obviously was hoping and assuming that it would go down over time even if the number wasn't correct.

There was a point in time in the summer that I took it and it registered at 33.8%
Then I took it again on October 30th and it was 31.9%
I took it Wednesday morning and it said 26.8%

SO YEA!! I am thrilled with the downward trend. I am pretty sure it wasn't as high to begin with and now it is even a tad lower than 26.8. I think the only really accurate thing to do is to do the submerged under water test or the bod pod thing but I don't know where I can do that around here and I am not sure I would want to pay for it. So I will just go with the Omron and hopefully watch the percentage get even lower.

My goal for March was to execise EVERY DAY!! Well, I haven't done that but I have gotten very close. Out of the 19 days in March so far I have exercised 16 of them. One of the three days that I missed I was not feeling well, one of them was last week on Thursday and I actually did do 20 minutes of cardio in the morning but I was SO TIRED that I went to lay back down on the couch. Then the third day I missed was this past Sunday after we got back from our weekend trip and I was tired and just opted out. so overall I am SO PLEASED with my 16 out of 19 days. I plan to continue and finish out the month strong!


Anonymous said...

That stir fry actually looks good!

Stacey K said...

I got the pancake recipe. Looks good, going to have to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

You are doing great!! Keep it up :)

Jessica said...

Keep it going, girl! That's awesome!!

Becca said...

I think your body fat may be even lower than that judging by your pics - but still the numbers are going down and youre the ever shrinking woman! WOOO!!

Your food looks good!!
Ok, so I just tried genie's syrup recipie and it's flavor is great but it's VERY watery. I wish there was a way to thicken it up a bit without adding cals. I need to scope out how corn starch works, or see if there is such a thing as sugar free corn syrup. LOL. for all that, we might as well keep buying the Log Cabin or Maple Grove sugar free pancake syrup (has carbs though!) So, i literally JUST threw some sugar free butterscotch putting in there - we'll see how it turns out. Flavor is great but now I'm wondering if it will be too thck. LOL..

Great post Dawn!!