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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DETOUR from my previous plan.

So as you know I stated in my post a few weeks ago that we hope to have a 3rd child in the near future. Well that is still a very true statement but the baby making is going to be put off just a few weeks b/c I have decided to do ANOTHER BIKINI COMPETITION!!! Yes, you read that right, one more competition before I hang up the stripper heels and bikini and press on to extend our family.

Here is the story:
My friend, Joni, lives in Kansas and before the Chattanooga competition she mentioned possibly doing the Kansas State Show in Topeka, KS. I immediately told her that I would consider doing it too. After the Chatty comp she spoke of her plans which did not consist of the Kansas competition which was fine with me. I was good with her decision either way and I had not planned to do it alone. Well, last week rolled around and I get a very exciting e-mail from her saying that SHE IS DOING THE SHOW. I immediately start thinking in my mind that "I WANT TO DO IT TOO." I talked to my immediate support system which consist of my husband and parents and they all said GO FOR IT! So here I am in my 11 week (a little less now), 74 days, out from a bikini comp in Topeka, KS.

As some other competitors that I know have said "you have been bitten by the bug." I guess I have. I know that I am never going to win or even place (although, I do have my 5th place out of 5 trophy at home on my vanity, WOOT WOOT). I do not by any means have the hard rock smokin' bodies that 95% of the contestants have but I want to do it anyway. When I ran my full marathon last year my bib said "Because I can" and that is the exact way that I feel about these body competitions. I can do the prep and training to the best of my ability and get on that stage and feel so DARN FABULOUS and know that I DID THIS and I simply love that feeling. I let so many years of my life pass me by, although enjoying my family and friends, deep down I was not pleased with ME and was not reaching my potential because of it.

Finally, those times have changed and I intend to make the most of it. We all know how short life can be and so while I am on earth I want to know that I loved my family and my friends and that I spent quality time with them enjoying life and that I gave myself the best life that I could and did things that I wanted to do for me along the way.

So with that being said I am going for it. I have 74 days until show day so we will see what type of outcome I have this time. I have the shoes and I have the NPC card that you need to be able to register for the shows. I do think I want to get a new suit, same style as the purple but a different color. I will have to get another bottle of that crazy tanner, seriously that stuff cracks me up for some reason b/c you are just wicked dark and it is just unnatural but it is all a part of the body competition package so I will go along with it.

74 days, here we go on another roller coaster ride. WHEEEEEEE!!!


Lisa @ I'm an Okie said...

congrats! can't wait to follow along!

Teresa said...

You go girl. Your already look great, this should be a breeze this go around.

Laura Murdock said...

You totally inspired me!!! BECAUSE I CAN!!!! LOVE IT!!! YOU GO GIRL!! :)

i am Susan said...

Can't wait to read about the next 74 days. You are like me...I did two competitions my first year. You can do this!!

Talia said...

Dawn! You are so so so awesome! Just when I think you can't be any more inspiring- you go and commit yourself to another competition! YOU ROCK!

I can't wait to follow along with you as I, too, drop bodyfat, tone up and *hopefully* within the next 6 months also make it to the stage for myself (before kids!)



Kari Keenan said...

Woohoo! Exciting news! I love that you're doing something for YOU ... making yourself a priority and feeling FABULOUS!! :)

i am Susan said...

My 2nd time around I got the spray on tan to save some time, but instead of one does I got 2 one day and one dose the next day. As the day progressed I got darker and darker and ... I was so dark it was crazy...it's all good when you are amongst the other competitors, but when you are amongst the normal folk you look a little weird.

redhead75 said...

Oh yes, you have been bitten :)