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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vanity sizing

I loved this. It was written by my trainer, Corinne at Phit-N-Phat. Wanted to share b/c I totally 100% agree with her.

Vanity Sizing...My Thoughts

I had a client of PNP recently go shopping and got frustrated that so many sizes in the same store weren't fitting, weren't consistent, etc. This opened the flood gates for discussion in her journal about how:

- we can't use the scale too much as an indicator of weightloss success.
- inches also don't always tell the story since we don't measure every part of the body that shrinks. Like you really measure your forearms, knees, etc., and they can all lose fat.
- body fat is skewed too often unless you are using a dunk tank. Many trainers are inconsistent, don't measure enough points, or just don't know how.

Honestly, I've heard another online trainer say it many times and I agree with him, there is only one true measure of progress: the mirror. Take a look in it! You either like it, see changes month-to-month, don't see any progress, or see yourself getting bigger.
So, I made a post to her about my last trip to Vegas...here's what I said and hope it gives you an idea of how to use vanity sizing positively and not let it dictate how you feel about yourself. It all comes down to what you look like to YOU and the WORLD.

You are not alone. I was just talking about this with Chris in Vegas. I kid you not, in my luggage I had a pair of 4 jeans, 6 boot cut jeans that are TIGHTER than the 4's and the 4's are skinny jeans no less, a pair of 8's I never broke out due to wearing leggings under some CUTE new dress type tops, and a pair of 10's that just feel so good I don't give a toot what the heck the tag says. They travel EXCELLENT and give me a cute shape when my top is tighter.
So, I packed the rainbow of vanity sizing. For awhile it bothered me to have bigger sizes, then I went through a phase of buying crap fitting jeans because of the size in the tag. Now I have decided to LOOK and FEEL good in my clothes because I'm more likely to exercise and eat right when I'm not bah-humbug over how my waist or thighs feel.

One other thing...why do you put yourself through torture of trying on old shorts you KNOW you wore when you were at a weight you didn't love outside of the number? You said it yourself: you were skinny fat and super unhealthy with your eating.

Losing weight and changing your lifestyle to a healthy one is 80 food and 20 exercise. But if you divide it three ways it's 60 mental, 25 food, and 5 exercise. Get out of your mental way, eat right, and move. Amazing how dumping the brain fog of long term diet mentality will help most people accept they just need to be healthy and not starving.

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I love it and it is totally true! Good post!