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Monday, July 23, 2007

What a productive weekend!

WOW!! You would not believe how hard my hubby worked this weekend. Along with some wonderful help from his FABULOUS brothers we were able to almost completely remove the tree from our back yard that we cut down the weekend of April 1st. Yes, almost 4 months ago. I am looking at this as a better late than never thing. In all honesty, we have been busy since daughter #2 was born and it was on that Sunday, April 1st. Jeremy and his family had gotten a great start on it then but it was interrupted by the birth of our daughter, good excuse though to stop working on the tree. Anyway, it really doesn't matter, the fact is that it is almost all gone. One trip to the waste place in Fayetteville where you can take yard things like this and it is gone for good. We actually have a big back yard. YEAH!! Perfect for some hanging balls (a new outdoor game we play, some people call it lawn golf or ladder golf, but of course we call it hanging balls) or possibly perfect for a swingset that we need to buy for our two darling daughters. Jeremy mowed and weed eated his little heart out too. He did the entire ditch thing in our back yard and I raked all of the tall grass and limbs as he went along. Whew, so glad that is done. Now we are going to round up it so he won't have to do that again. Anyway, our place is shaping up which is nice since it is almost time for football to start, next Monday in fact. I will be a coaches wife widow at that point. UGH! Oh well, that is what I signed up for so I will roll with the punches.


Kathleen said...

What level of football does your hubby coach? I just started learning about it last year from a lady at work who is a die hard FB fan. I actually split the Super Bowl pot with another guy at work. I guess I'm not so dumb after all :)

****** said...


Hubby is a Jr. High Football coach. He is the defensive coordinator for the 9th grade team. Knowing about football when you watch it makes all the difference in the world. Of course, I don't know everything but I do know a lot. I have seen SO many games and I ask A LOT of questions. When we watch other teams or college teams I am constantly asking hubby what was that why did that happen but that is how you learn so he gladly helps me out.