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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Make yourself PROUD TODAY!

As most of you know when you are eating healthy and exercising it is often difficult to keep it up through the weekend. It always seems so much easier during the week when you are on a regular schedule. At least it is for me. In the past I have never been a weekend exerciser. I always thought the weekends were my time off. I think I looked at exercise like it was punishment instead of rewarding and making me healthy. In the past before daughter #2 I was able to get in my 3-4 days a week of exercise during the week and not on the weekends. Well, those times have changed and now that I have DD#2 (darling daughter #2) I am so busy during the week and often very tired. Therefore I have had to start taking some of my days off during the week and exercising on the weekends. I started this weekend off right by getting up and going jogging. I knew that I wanted to last night before I went to bed but I wasn't sure that I would actually do it. DD#2 woke up at 7:30 so I fed her and got her back in her swing where she quickly falls back to sleep. Then I laid there and laid there thinking to myself I really need to get out of bed and jog. Think of how much better you will feel if you just get up out of bed and do it. Finally, at 8:20 I rolled myself out of bed and got dressed and was out the door for a good 1 1/2 mile jog. YES, I DID IT on a SATURDAY MORNING. Man, I am proud of myself. Not only did I do my body good but I did my mind good as well. Just knowing that you did it for yourself in order to make yourself more healthy and fit...it is just such a great feeling. I started the weekend of with a BANG. My eating has been on target so far today too so no turning back now. I plan on doing some step aerobic tomorrow with one of my FIRM workouts or I might jog, or who knows, I might do both. WATCH OUT here comes Dawn. Those size 8's are getting closer and closer by every bite and every bit of sweat that falls of my nose.

I encourage you to get out there and do something that you don't normally do to make yourself proud today. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


Kathleen said...

Great job getting it done and out of the way. It always feels empowering to have it done and I know that I can't mess up as easy if I've already completed that task.
I can get my 8's on but not yet comfortable enough to "show the world"

****** said...

You are well on your way for those 8's just slipping on with no problem. You will be there before you know it.

It is nice to get up and just get the exercise out of the way. It always makes me feel so good after it is done it is just getting out of bed that is the hard part.