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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chloe's first swim lesson.

Last night Chloe had her very first official swim lesson. She did GREAT! We ended up doing the parent / tot class where I get in the water with her. She was kicking her legs on her back and her stomach and put her chin in the water and even blew bubbles. She also put her head back in the water and got the back of her head wet. We made some major progress. The water felt great, this was just so fun for both of us. Then came time to jump of the side of the pool, she was a little hesitant and I let her hold my finger and jump to me. Then, we went to the deep end so the kids could jump off the diving board. She walked to the end where she could see the lifeguard there ready to catch her she peeked over and then looked at me standing to the side cheering her on and then turned around. I got on the diving board with her and encouraged her to the end and then kind of gently dropped her down. The best part came after the lesson was over and she did not want to leave the pool. We played in the water for 1 more hour. She jumped off the side into my arms probably 50 times. I swear she just kept repeating and repeating it. She also wanted to play with these other girls that were probably 8 & 10. She kept asking them to "watch me, watch me" jump off the side of the pool. It was the sweetest thing. Finally, I said one more jump then we have to leave and then she headed to tell the other girls "bye". She is miss social...I wonder where she gets that?

These are the times that make your heart go pitter pat and you just can't get the smile off your face when you see such joy in your children.

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