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Friday, May 29, 2009

Amazing what you can do....

when you really want to. Yes, I got up at 4:58 AM this morning and got ready and headed to the gym. I went to a different gym for a free week trial since it opens at 5. I really like this gym I tried out but I have a gym membership already to a gym that is only $15 a month (through my husbands work) and this one is about 4 times that amount if I do month to month. So it is hard for me to justify but it does work out better until summer gets here b/c I can go there and shower there and get home in time for me to get the girls ready and for him to leave for work.

Anyway, I did lower body strength training and it went well. I have got to get these muscles in my legs strong so that my knee issue won't be an issue any longer when I run. It is bothering me slighlty. I just felt so great this AM. I got there around 5:25 and I finished about 6:15. I was so glad I got it out of the way and I didn't make excuses b/c as you know EXCUSES DON'T BURN CALORIES, right?

I did a machine I have never done before and that was fun. The leg press machine:

I felt really strong on it for some reason and it is just fun doing something different and feeling good about it. Now, I didn't use any weight this time, just the weight of the bar which was 45 pounds. I wanted to get used to it. I am pretty sure I could put some weight on it though. I guess I will just have to experiment with how much is enough.

I plan to go to the gym tomorrow morning too while they have childcare also and knock out upper body ST. That is the good thing about this other gym is they have childcare in the event I would want to use it. Really no excuse to exercise then.

Have a great weekend. As my friend Jen from Phit-N-Phat always says. Keep the food clean and the work outs dirty!


Becca said...

Keep the foods clean and the workouts dirty!! ME LIKEY!

Yeah that machine - it's one of my favs too. You could totally throw some weight on there, your legs are strong and carry you around - you'd be surprised what you could handle. I bet you could put a 45 plate on each side and still be just fine.

I like gyms that open early - that is my fav time to work out - and the childcare thing really prevents you from making excuses... you'll have to talk to hubby about it but if there's a will, there's a way. I cut out my gourmet coffees to pay $140 a year (11 a month) for a permanent full size locker at my gym...It was totally worth it.

Have a great afternoon!

Christina said...

Sounds like a great workout Dawn!!

My 5 mile mile went really great!! I was dreading it at first but after a few minutes something kicked in and I went for it. It took me about an hour and 12 minutes to finish it, so not the best time, but I'm still happy I finished!! :) Thank you for your encouragement!!

Juli said...

It's always nice to change your workout routine so your body doesn't hit the plateau mark. :) I'm so glad you are enjoying the spin class. That was definitely one of my favorites (especially to teach). Keep up the great work!

Jen said...

ooh I love that machine. I bet you could easily add a 45lb plate to each side. Its great for calves too!