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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spinning yet once again!

If you have followed me for a while you might remember that I have tried spinning 2 other times before. I just wasn't a big fan of it really. I didnt' feel like I got a good workout. I thought it was possibly because I wasn't doing it right (b/c of not having proper instruction) or I wasn't pushing myself hard enough or it was in the prime of my running and I was in decent shape. After last nights spinning class at my friends gym I think all 3 apply.

I told the teachers that I hadn't done it before b/c I wanted them to really give good instructions on how to angle my feet and how to do the resistance and what I should be feeling. They did a GREAT job at that. Then I do think I pushed myself harder and upped the resistance more than I had in the past. Plus, I haven't run any type of long distance at all over 3 miles in 2 months and so this was a little tougher for me.

The best part is that I actually enjoyed it, I felt like I got an AWESOME work out, I was sweating like I hadn't sweat in a long time and after it was done I was like "OH YEA, that felt GREAT!" I burned 379 cals in 43 minutes, average heart rate was 149. So this is comparable to me running about 4 miles at an 11 minute pace which is on the faster side for me. I could feel my legs burning while I was doing it but I am not sore today so that tells me that my legs are still in decent shape and my heart is still strong since my heart rate averaged what it does when I run.

I also can tell that this will really help strengthen my quads and hamstrings so that I when I start running again I might be able to avoid the patella tendonitis. I have been having a few slight problems with it and I know I need to consistently strengthen the muscles around it so that they do the work and it doesn't affect that tendon.

Overall, GREAT SPINNING experience and I plan to do it again.


Becca said...

I have never been a fan of spinning myself but I know plenty of people who love it! My runner friends also do spinning year round to keep their quads/glutes/knees in shape for the runs... Very cool, glad you gave it another shot!

Tonette said...

you are such a go getter. Mom said she saw you, and you are wanting to get a bigger house! Our house is for sell, you guys need to come and check it out.

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great workout. I have never had the chance to try spinning..it sounds painful LOL!

Christina said...

You have been to some great classes lately!!! I am starting to get jealous. :) My gym doesn't have any classes, so I guess I'll just live through you!

I am running 5 miles tonight and I think of you every time I get out there. I've read your transformation and your completion of a full marathon so I know it's possible. Thank you for being my inspiration!!

Sam said...

Hey Dawn! Spinning uh? Sounds fun. Everything is fine. I keep meaning to post but then put it off. My fiance is about to lose his job (they are shutting down his division) so we have been busy trying to find him a new job through our network of people. I'll post this week, hopefully with pictures, lol. Thanks for being concerned. :)

Jeannie said...

I've been toying with the idea of going to a spinning class. After reading what you wrote, I just might give it a try!