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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recipe, dinner and asparagus

Here is a recipe I want to share that I found in the Spring 2009 edition of Oxygen magazine.

High energy bars:
16 servings

1 cup of natural peanut butter
1 cup of honey
1 cup of old-fashioned oatmeal
1 cup of chopped dried apricots
1/2 cup of walnuts
1/2 cup of almonds

1. Combine peanut butter and honey in large nonstick pot and heat on low until runny. Mix in the oatmeal, apricots and nuts, stirring until all ingredients are well covered.

2. Line a 9x9 inch pan with waxed paper. Press the mixture into the pan. Let cool (I put my in fridge for a couple of hours before I ate one) then cut into 16 bars.

Nutrients per serving:
Calories: 260, total fat: 10 g, saturated fat: 2 g, sodium: 75mg, carbs: 37 g, fiber: 3g, sugars: 25g, protein: 6 g, iron: 1 g

My thoughts on these: VERY TASTY!! Almost taste too good b/c it is hard to stop at one but you really need to even though they are nutritions they are higher in cals, carbs and sugar. So you wouldn't want to eat 2 at a time b/c that would make it a meal and not a snack. But I do love them and I will make them again. I chopped the nuts small so that my kids would hopefully eat them. One of them so far likes them. I actually made half a batch here in the pics.

I also wanted to share my dinner from Tuesday night. One thing I love to do is saute mushrooms and onions and put them on a hamburger patty or on chicken. Tuesday night I cut up an onion and had sliced mushrooms and I just put some olive oil in a skillet and add the onions and shrooms and turn on heat of about 6 -7 and let them saute stirring them rather frequently. I don't put any seasoning of anything on it. I try to avoid the sodium. For me they have enough flavor on their own. This asparagus I just cooked in the same pan as the onions/shrooms. I thought it looked really healthy on my plate and it tasted REALLY GOOD!

Another way I often cook asparagus is in olive oil and some parmesan cheese.

I will save the pics of the bedroom for tomorrow.


Becca said...

YUM!! OMG I am making those bars soon!! I have a recipe for easy granola bars that is similar, and also SO TASTY. I will have to post it sometime...

HOpe you're having a great day!

Sam said...

Ha! We had chicken and asparagus tonight for dinner as well. I never stopped to think about taking pictures of stuff and posting it. Thanks for the idea ;)

BTW Dawn I think you are an amazing woman!

kat said...

Thanks for sharing the bar recipe. Every now and then I look for recipes for homemade bars - using ingredients that I would actually have on hand. This fits the bill - and sounds so yummy! Will definitely try them.

Teresa said...

Those snack bars sound like a good after a run snack. I LOVE shrooms and onions sauteed together. I'll have to try throwing in the asparagus. Thanks for the recipe.