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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday is my Monday

FRESH START! So today, Wednesday, May 13th is my Monday. I am starting fresh today. I am re-focused. I haven't fell totally off the wagon but just hanging on the side. I have made a few food choices that I shouldn't have I have only exercised once. If I want to get to where I have pictured in my head I can't do this half way. Those days are over. I have to be 100%. I can absolutely have small splurges but they must be planned and must be in control. I have already had mine for the week so no more the rest of the week.

I still have 3 workouts to get in and then my food choices the rest of the week are going to be 100% on my plan.

Food for today:

B - slimfast shake and 1/2 cup of blackberries
S - low carb tortilla and 1 slice of 2% cheese
L - tuna, lettuce, cucs, bell pepper and balsamic ving dressing, 5 strawberries
S - 1/2 orange and protein shake
D - chicken and asparagus

Goal of 150 oz. of water.


Anonymous said...

Is the 150 oz of water per day? Or for the week? That's a lot of bathroom trips! LOL

You can do it! Great job for starting fresh!

Christina said...

Hang in there!! Sounds like you are on plan for the rest of the week. Food looks great too!

Teresa said...

You go girl, your not alone.

Becca said...

LOVED the analogy of hanging off the side of the wagon. We all hang off the side of the wagon from time to time, but as long as you never let go - you can pick yourself back up and get situated comfortably again - which it sounds like you're doing! I am new to the 100% clean thing too - it's a mental state of mind that took me FOREVER to get to, and I'm still not there 100% of the time...but inch by inch...i creep towards it. I have found that certian 'cheats' or splurges only trigger a bindge, and that is when it all goes downhill for me...