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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kettlebell's ROCK!!!

I went for my 3 hour personal training session (with a group of 6) to learn how to do kettlebells properly. I attended this with my friend Tara who has a PT at her gym that is certifed in these.

I LOVED IT!!! It felt like such a great total body workout and it WAS!! Using kettlebells works so many muscle groups at one time that it is a very effecient way to work out. I see it is a GREAT overall body workout each time. It involves strength and cardio at the same time. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor but I plan to when I do them at my gym so I can see exactly how hard I am working. We learned about 5 moves and all of them were tough. I am so glad that I did this. I think this will help me spice up my work outs so that I can do something I really enjoy so that I can start getting those 4 consistent work outs a week. I haven't been doing so hot with that. Anywhere from 2-3 has been my average and for the results I want to see I have to make it 4. I love the other strength workouts I do but this is new and fun if you know what I mean and it is just a change up for what I have been doing and I am ready for it.

Since I did this at my friends gym I have a week free pass there so I am going to a spin class tomorrow afternoon with Tara. I am looking forward to that. Those can scorch some calories too.

Anyway, I highly recommend the kettlebells BUT DO NOT do them with out proper instruction. The form is curcial in getting the most bang for your buck and also avoiding injury.


Becca said...

Cool!! I am glad you found something you really like - that always helps. I would probalby kill myself if I tried using them... LOL. I do need to check them out one of these days but my gym is an old school iron dungeon and I don't think they offer anything like that just yet.

Jen said...

Glad you enjoyed your workout! Have fun spinning!

Christina said...

SOunds like some great training!! It's nice to find something new and get you excited about working out again. I am loving my personal trainer becuase I'm learning so many new things. Gotta keep things spiced up! Thnaks for the information again, I'm definately going to look into that!