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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas cookies galore!!!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! I always have but it is even more fun now that I have small children. You really see the joy in their faces with everything associated with Christmas. It just makes you smile.

My MIL is a baker and she has this awesome recipe from past generations of sugar/shortbread cookies and they are SO GOOD!! Since we had Chloe she has come down to our house and they make Christmas cookies together and now that Lizzie is here of course she partcipates too. Here is a sampling of what they made.

Just for the record I didn't even sample one. I had a conversation with myself though discussing the issue every time I passed them in the kitchen. Luckily my will power won. I can have them next Christmas if I so choose, right. To be honest even if I wasn't preparing for a competition I would have to think twice about eating one only b/c I don't have much control when it comes to those types of foods. I just want to eat 10 - 15 literally. I rarely can get by with eating just 1-3 so sometimes it is best that I have none.

These were just part of them...YES there were MORE!
Up close Christmas cookies. I helped ice most of these. That was pretty fun. I am not a big icing fan so this wasn't too tempting.

Yes, I let me kids eat cookies for breakfast. Only on very special occasions though.

Lizzie showing off her snowman cookie.

Chloe and her Christmas tree cookie.

I like the plain ones. Here they are in the ziploc bag.

I wanted to tip this bag up and devour them...but I didn't.

This candy cane cookie in the fridge belongs to Lizzie. She was eating it and she came and told me "I save it for later" (I wasn't sure where she had put it though). A few minutes past and I looked in the fridge and she had put it in there to "save for later". HA
Our Christmas tree.
We have LOTS of ornaments and almost all of them have a story behind them or when we got them or who got them for us.

Up close of some of our ornaments.


Becca said...

I cannot even tell you how proud I am of you for not even sampling ONE OF THOSE, not even a bite! I dont know if I could have done it. Your will power is AWESOME!! GO DAWN!!

Christmas is my favorite time of year as well. I took some pics of our tree (nothing great) before vacation and still haven't posted them. Maybe tomorrow...lol....

Beautiful pics Dawn. You are blessed!

Tricia said...

Great job resisting the cookies. The un-iced ones would be the hard ones for me to resist as well. Your kiddos are too sweet!

The Lewis's said...

The girls did a great job on the cookies-that is a neat tradition that they will always remember. Your tree looks really good:)