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Monday, December 7, 2009

I broke through...

I finally after 8 weeks of staying between 148 and 150 on the scale I broke through my plateau and registered on Sunday morning at a very sweet looking 146.8. WOOT WOOT!!! I was just hoping to see 147.8 at some point in the near future and I seem to have passed by the 147's onto the 146's. SWEET!!! I will take it.

On Monday morning, November 30th I weighed in at 150 and on Sunday, December 6th I weighed in at 146.8. I have NEVER had a jump in the scale that much that I recall. It was a nice sight to see.

Considering I have THREE Christmas events this week this could not have come at a better time to help me keep my mind strong and my resolve to make December a DROP THE FAT month.

My first challenge of the week comes Tuesday (tomorrow) at a work luncheon. They are serving On the Border mexican. SERIOUSLY? YES! I love mexican but I will do without it this time. It is not as if I can't ever have it again but not right now. I will take my own food, not sure yet what, maybe tuna patties, they are my stand by that I like and easy to transport and don't require heating. My goals will not be overtaken by a catered mexican food lunch!!!


Alyson said...

Congrats on breaking your plateau! You could bring your own healthy mexican. Ezekiel corn tortillas are awesome, thrown in black beans and sweet potato and you have a fab lunch :) (Mexican's my absolute favorite so I had to come up with some good substitutes). G'luck!

Brandi said...

Congrats girl! You are doing great!! Keep it up!

You have more will power than I do. I would totally be first in line for the Mexican food! :)

Dee said...

Good job on finally breaking through that plateau of yours. I like the fact that you are planning to bring your lunch instead of just settling for food that's just going to make you pay for it later. Keep going girl!!


Anonymous said...

Great job girl!!!