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Friday, December 4, 2009

Going strong, quick check in.

I am cruising along and have stuck to my food plan and exercise plan except for this morning when I got to the gym and waited 15 minutes and the person that usually opens it did not show up, which is odd, I hope he is o.k.

No big plans for the weekend for me. I will do 1 more cardio session and do strength training for my back and arms. My food will continue to stay on plan.

I do plan to watch the SEC championship game between Florida and Alabama. This is going to be a good one I hope. I love close games.

Chloe and I are getting our hair trimmed too on Saturday and we need it!

Sunday, my Mom and I are going to a Christmas tour of homes here in our town. I am really looking forward to that.

Here is to a eating healthy and exercising this weekend. Have a good one!

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Jessica said...

Good job! It feels great, doesn't it?! I'm so proud of you!