"Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer. "


Monday, December 14, 2009

The date is SET and I have a plan.

JUNE 12th it is!!! That is the day that I will stand on stage in a bikini of some sort (yet to be determined) with the goal of looking like I belong in my very first bikini competition. WHOA!!! To write that, read it and say it out loud just blows me away. I am doing it though (since I have committed my husband is cancelling an annual golf tournament that he does that weekend so there is no going back now). I am going to give it everything I have and see where I end up on June 12, 2010.

I have to admit that I am scared to death. Mostly scared of the un-known and if I can truly do it. I want to, I say I can, I mostly believe I can (at least I fake it for now) and I have the tools to do so. Now I have to put all of that into action.

June 12th is 26 weeks from now, a couple days shy actually. 26 weeks seems like an eternity really but when you have layers of fat to lose it isn't at all.

I was seeing a personal trainer here in my town and I LOVED that. I did it for 4 sessions and it was very valuable. I learned a lot during those 4 sessions but I realized it wasn't for me for the longterm. I am well into my journey and the PT sessions were a reminder of how hard I can push myself and I got some great ideas for workouts but for now I can put that money to other things. I HIGHLY recommend getting a PT though if you need direction, encouragement, knowledge and a push. It was well worth the money.

After much thought and consideration I decided to go a different route for my training and that is through Structure Fit. I followed along with Jessica at Amaze Yourself as she was training for her very first bikini competition and I was mesmerized. For myself I need a very structured plan (appropriately named) and went for it. I just finished my 2nd full week of working with them and I am down 5 pounds and not sure how many inches. I will measure and let you know. I started 2 weeks ago at 150 and now weigh 145. I have no idea what my end weight will be or what it should be. I am 5'3" so I am thinking between 115 and 125 but that really is a wild guess b/c I have no idea what my body is going to look like now at even 140 pounds or 135.

I am still with my beloved Phit-N-Phat, with out them I would not be where I am today. The women there provide me with so much encouragement and knowledge that you cannot imagine. Corinne shares the wealth with anything she learns or knows from personal experience and for that I am greatful. I will actually be doing this competition in Chattanooga, TN with several other Phit-N-Phaters. What an experience it is going to be.

WOW! I can't believe I am doing this.

Stay tuned for how I make it through the next 26 weeks and watch the transformation as I melt the fat. I hope I prove to you and myself that it can be done if you want it bad enough.


Alyson said...

Congrats on setting a date, that's so exciting! I know for me at least, it helps so much to have that set in stone point to aim for. Look forward to following your prep :)

The Lewis's said...

Sounds awesome Dawn! You can do it!

Natalie said...

wow! down 5 lbs in two weeks!!! what are you eating????

congrats on setting the date! it will be so much fun to watch you transform your body.

Lindsay said...

I'm really excited to watch you change between now and June. (I'm here from PNP, even though I'm not there much lately...).

Good luck on this journey! You can do it!