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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Almost thanksgiving...

2 days until the big T-day! I am determined to not make it about the food. I will eat a few small portions of the food I really like the cheesey potatoes or the poppyseed chicken. I am going to fill myself up on turkey and green beans and some brocc and cauli that my MIL makes and then I will eat small spoon fulls a few higher calorie foods that I like. For dessert I plan on eating a small portion of my MIL's german chocolate cake. At my families we have the basics and nothing too spectacular so I can eat mainly turkey and veggies. I am making my own low cal pumpkin pie so I will eat that there. It is a combination of a couple of pies I found so if it is good I will post it. I just want to end Thursday knowing that I ate sensibly and I did not gorge myself. I also plan on wearing my NEW SIZE 8 JEANS so that I won't have much room to stuff myself. They fit just right but have no wiggle room. I am exercising Thursday morning too so that will help me stay on track more. I can do this. Food DOES NOT RULE ME!!!

What is your T-day plan? If you don't have one you better get one or else you will eat everything in site and feel guilty about it the next day. Only eat the foods that are WORTH IT TO YOU!!

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