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Monday, December 3, 2007

Day #1

Today is day 1 of my 5 days a week of strength training (ST). I had intended on getting out of bed at 6 am and getting in my leg workout but Lizzie did not sleep well, I think she is teething, I was up off and on most of the night so 6am didn't come for me. This just means that I have to get it in tonight. NO EXCUSES, b/c as I say, EXCUSES DON'T BURN CALORIES, right, RIGHT! I cannot go to bed until my leg exercise is done. Here is my plan, go home, cook dinner, eat dinner, girls take a bath, girls to bed, LEG WORKOUT, then to bed myself. I can do this, I will do this. I will report tomorrow on how it went.

I had a great weekend. We got up our Christmas tree, I will take some pics and post them soon of it. It is very pretty I think. I hope the lights stay lit on it though. They all went out yesterday after it was decorated and everything. A tree isn't the same if the lights don't work. Just pray that they stay lit for about 4 more weeks. I also made my very first homemade lasagna. It just sounded good and we had J's brother and girlfriend down to watch the best show ever, Desperate Houswives and we ate dinner. The lasagna turned out SO GOOD! I was very proud of myself. Now I realize that it is not calorie friendly but I only ate one serving and it was a small serving so I am o.k. with it. It is actually rather nutritional with the lean ground beef, tomato sauce, cottage cheese, riccotta cheese, and eggs. It has a lot of protein so that is good.

o.k. gotta get some work done. Have a great Monday.

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