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Friday, December 7, 2007

Still doing well...

I finished day 3 on Wednesday and then I did not exercise on Thursday and I haven't yet today. I will either do a workout tonight or I will do one on Sat. and one on Sun. I will get the last two in though. They just take about 30 minutes so I really have no excuses not to get them in. I should have time for that.

I had a food victory on Wednesday at a Christmas luncheon I went to. It was buffet and I had no idea what they would have so I just figured I would make the best choices possible. I walked up to the buffet and what did I see but a green salad, green beans and chicken. YES!!! My staple foods. This was perfect. I passed up the pasta that you could put under your chicken and I passed up the dessert that just didn't look worth it and then I passed up the dinner rolls. It was a success!! Then last night I went to another Christmas gathering with some friends and I made it my cheat meal for the week. I didn't go overboard but I ate a few snacky foods that I don't normally eat so I will consider it my cheat meal.

This weekend I plan to do some Christmas shopping and cleaning house tonight so I get that over with. J and I are going on a "date" Saturday night so I am really looking forward to that.

Have a great weekend everyone. Oh and as always, eat healthy and EXERCISE!!! Dawn

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