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Friday, December 28, 2007

What a great CHRISTMAS!

Well our family had such a wonderful Christmas. We were able to have a special Christmas Eve with some friends (young boys) that don't have any family and they spent C Eve with our family. With the help of some friends and family we were able to buy them some clothes and it was so fun to watch them open their gifts.

Christmas morning was a blast with our girls and then we had Christmas with J's family and then later in the day with my family. Just so much fun all around I hated for the day to end.

I have exercised a little but not as much as I should but I have eaten well. I am proud of my eating. I indulged in a few treats but only those that were worth it.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...I am down 1 pound this week!!! Yes, I said I LOST 1 POUND the week of CHRISTMAS!! I just don't let the food get in the way of getting to my goal. WATCH OUT 140's HERE COMES DAWN!!!

I was watching the Today show last Saturday morning and it talked about eating through the holidays and how to cut your calories and that you really should not try to lose weight but just maintain. Well, I DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!! I have a goal and I am going to get there, I don't care what holiday it is or how much food is around. Nothing is stopping me and you shouldn't let it stop you either. Decide where you want to be and make your plan to get there. As I always say, the only reason you will not get to your goal is if you quit and there is NO QUITING AROUND HERE!

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