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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week 2 = BAD

o.k. I have to fess up. I only got in ONE strenght training workout this past week. I know, I told myself I was going to do 2 workouts on Saturday and 2 workouts on Sunday but I didn't get it done. I have learned a few things about myself over the past few weeks:

First) I will not exercise on the weekends. I tell myself I will and on very few occasions I will but it is a very slim chance that I actually will.

Second) At this current time I am not a morning exerciser. The bad thing is that I really want to be and in the past I have been. I am not sure if it is having two kids now and more things to do and to get ready and to prepare for or what but in the morning I just want to sleep as long as I possibly can. Therefore, after finally realizing that right now in my life that morning exercising is not for me I need to exercise at night after the girls go to bed. That would be anytime in between 8:30 - 10:00 pm. If I do this I can go to bed around 10 or 10:30 and no later than 11. I just need several hours of sleep to function very well.

o.k. I have realized these two things about myself so now I must put them into action and exercise at night and just not plan to exercise on the weekends.

Tonight is Biggest Loser finale and I can't wait!!!!

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