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Friday, May 2, 2008

Thank yous!

I want to take a minute to thank all of the wonderful people in my life that enouraged me and supported me along the way of my journey to the half marathons. Of course I did make the time and get out there and do the running myself it would not have been possible with out the help and support from many people that I love.

First, my very sweet and supportive husband. He constantly tells me how proud he is of me and would always give me that little push out the door when I just wasn't into running that day or I was doubting myself that I could actually run 10 miles or 12 miles. He is a coach and so he obviously knows how to encourage others and bring out the best in them so that is exactly what he did. He through a little tough love in there too and a "no whining and no quiting" attitude. Which is what I needed to hear sometimes. He would often pick up the girls from my parents house or hang out with them while I ran. Not that he doesn't do that anyway but obviously on the days that I would run after work since I typically pick them up he would shift around his plans to do so. He just encouraged and supported me along the way and without that I could have done it but it would have been a major struggle many times. I am so thankful for his love and support and helping me believe that I could do it.

Second, my parents and sister. They all also tell me how proud they are of me. My dad calls me a "road runner". Throughout my training they would help watch the girls too and do whatever I needed anytime to make sure I got my runs in. My sister was constantly calling me to see how the training was going and would encourage me every step of the way.

Third, my friends. I have some awesome friends that are constantly encouraging me and praising me along the way. It just means so much to be supported by the people that you care about it. It just makes all of the time and commitment that much easier when you have people behind you.

Finally, last but certainly not least my Phit-n-Phat family. They have been there through it all with advice and support. They were full of helpful information. At first I thought when you ran that you just got out there and ran but after many conversations with others at PNP that have run in the past they shared the in's and out's of running. I guess you can just get out there and run but it makes it a lot easier when you know the foods that will help fuel your body and how much to drink and such. I could not have done this without their knowledge.

A very special shout goes out to JESSICA and JULIE!!! They ran both half marathons with me and I would not have wanted to do it without them. It was an adventure of a lifetime that I will never forget.

Now, we shall see how supportive all of these folks are when I get ready to train for my full marathon in a few years...I am not worried one bit.

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Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

What a great idea! You are so right. Without support I would of never made it. I have a feeling these won't be our last races together.

I may even join you on the marathon one day. We've got time to think about it though.