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Monday, October 20, 2008

10 mile run, my birthday present to myself

Yesterday was my 34th birthday and I was scheduled to do a 10 mile run. IT WENT GREAT!!! If you remember I had to cut my 9 miler short last weekend b/c I didn't feel well I rested up this week and did 1 ST session and 1 short run and I felt ready to go on Sunday morning. I got a really good nights rest on Saturday night, 10 hours of sleep, so I now that attributed to my good run. I went on a trail that has a lot of hills so I would run the flats and walk the hills and it worked out really well. There was a breeze the whole time and 1/2 the trail is shaded and it was a steady 60 degrees the entire time. It was just so nice. I even felt good the rest of the day and then today too. I think I just fueled properly and got plenty of rest and that really helped me out.

My long run next week is only 6 miles so that won't be bad at all.


Teresa said...

Great job Dawn. Happy Birthday.

April Elizabeth said...

happy birthday!!!!

I couldn't run 10 miles if you had a gun on me. you'd need a gun on me to get me to run. period.

Natalie said...

happy birthday! amazing! i am inspired...