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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy Bee!

Sorry I haven't been around and updating my blog very frequently. This week has been busier than most. I am feeling a better though so that is a plus. I am not 100% but improving daily so hopefully it continues. I need to be 100% by Sunday when I have to run 10 miles. Whew, it seems like a lot but I know I can do it.

I spent my entire morning getting a beef that we had processed and splitting it up with my parents and getting it in their freezer then putting up my in-laws 1/2 also then putting ours up. It was a job but I got it done. Also, had to get pig feed ready for Chloe's pig show that is on Saturday. Can't wait for that. It will be fun. She is looking so forward to it.

ok, sorry so short but I have work to get done.


Natalie said...

i just finished putting up 1/2 a beef that we split with my parents. nothing better than fresh meat. nice to meet you. i linked over here from diet coke and zingers.

i am very impressed with your before and now pics! wow!!! i love seeing these.

Cara said...

wow can't wait to hear about the 10 mile run!

DeDe said...

Hi Dawn! You have fantastic dedication and ambition. Be careful not to let it kill you! :-)

You're still very early in your training so if you miss your 10 miler, it won't be apocolyptic. LOL! I REALLY understand how badly you want to keep up with the long run schedule. I couldn't wait for each weekend when I could build on my mileage from the week before, set a new PR for distance, and provide the next building block for the following week's mileage.

However, I did have to miss a couple of key runs, which I promptly freaked out about and then just got right back on schedule and did just fine.

If your body is compromised with a cold or flu bug, it actually might be better to let it completely heal first so you can really push it the next week.

Hope you feel better soon!