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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No scale for me!

Yes, you read it, I am not weighing myself until November 1st. I was reading an article that my trainer at Phit-N-Phat posted and I realized that I needed and wanted to prove to myself that I am not a slave to the scale and it does not control me. So in order to do that I am not stepping on the scale until November 1. I know how to eat and I know how to exercise in order to lose or maintain my weight so that is what I am going to do without pressure or reassurance from the scale.

I am currently taking on a NO CANDY challenge through Halloween and I did that last year so I know it can be done but this, not weighing is going to be a really HUGE challenge for me. Since I have been on the health and fitness wagon for 2 years I have weighed at least 4-5 times a week. I typically do not let the scale ruin my attitude or mood and I am completley aware that weight fluctuates daily but if through the week I see a general downward movement in it then I am pleased. I just think it will be a good idea for 24 days to prove to myself that the scale really does not control me and the choices I make are what control my weight and attitude.

This morning I weighed and the scale said 148.4 so on November 1 we will see what it says and I will let you know. I am really thinking that it might make me work a little harder on the exercise and keep the food extra clean b/c I won't have the scale to give me the reassurance.

I can do it! If I can not eat one piece of candy through Halloween then I can do this. The scale is in front of my sink in the bathroom. I am going home to move it to the cabinet under J's sink so that I won't be tempted to step on it. Out of sight out of mind. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of doing the same thing - no scale that is - candy, I'll keep! I've been having issues with the scale - I weigh every single day. Yeah, I know. Anyways, till Nov 1st..Currently my scale reads 138. We'll see what happens...

Malinda said...

no scales for me!! I'm not actively trying to loose right now (working on some other things.. That will in time bring on the weightlose journey) but it has really eased the stress and worry my weight. Good luck with the no candy challenge.. I know you can nail it!!!

Running Knitter said...

I think getting rid of the scale is the best thing. I haven't stepped on the scale since June, when I started training, and I'm totally OK with it. Good luck with your candy challenge!

Cara said...

Wow that is impressive. :-)

Good idea, I am going to think about this one now...

carla said...

Im in.

cheering you on as I KNOW you can so do this. the scale, in a way, would be more 'calling to me' than the candy as I (like I KNOW YOU) can do things once I set my mind hardandfastt to it.

go you!