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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Monday...

Tonight is visitation at the funeral home for Sabrina and tomorrow afternoon is the funeral. Oh how I dread this. Can't change it though so I must just go with it. UGH!

I went out to my Uncle's house yesterday after lunch and my girls and husband and I visited for several hours. Her parents and brother are doing o.k. About like you might expect. They were sorting through pictures to give to the funeral home for a slide show and that was nice to look back at the pics of her when she was younger. Those brought a smile to your face. So many wonderful memories with her family and nephews.

I am gearing up to leave town on Thursday to head to Nashville for Phat Camp. Can't wait for that. A dedicated weekend devoted to me and health and fitness. FUN TIMES!!! I get to see some fellow phit-n-phat folks that I have already met and meet several knew ones which will be great. I talk to them on-line so I feel as if I know them so it will be so nice to meet them in person.


Becca said...

Hey Dawn,

Glad to hear framily is handling it well. I know it's still hard, but life must go on...
As far as Phat Camp goes, I hope you have a blast! I'm sure you will. Looking forward to seeing some pics so pack your camera!

Jen said...

Our blog posts today have the same title! Sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope tonight wont be to hard on you or your family.

I cant wait to hear about Phat Camp!