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Monday, June 15, 2009


WOW!! Sabrina is still going strong and slowly improving. She breathed 5 hours on her own on Saturday and then 4 hours on Sunday that I know of, possibly longer after I left the hospital.

I went into see her yesterday. I tried to prepare myself for what she might look like and I did pretty well. I didn't get upset. I was just thrilled to see her responding. I tried to picture her without the ventilator b/c she would look so much better if all of those tubes weren't hooked up to her. Bless her heart you just want to make her 100% again. We have hope that she will get there but it will be a long tough road. If anyone can do it though, she can.

I swear you guys, she has the MOST will to live of anyone I have ever seen. By all accounts she should have not made it past her 20th birthday and she will celebrate 42 in August. I remember in her late teens when she was in a comma in the hospital and then needed a kidney transplant in her mid 20's and she finally got that when she was 27. I would bet she has been in the hospital about 30 times in her life time and possibly more. That is A LOT!!! Over half of them were life threatening at least if not more. It just isn't her time to go just yet, that is all you can say about it. God has a purpose for her on this earth.

Her family had already told the organ donor people that they could have her liver, they were deciding on a funeral home and they were hoping my cousin from Michigan could come down and do her funeral. The Dr.s weren't trying to not give the family hope but they were just being realistic that coming out of something like this was basically impossible. Well believe me when I say first hand that it is. If you did not or do not believe in miracles and think anything is possible KNOW THAT IT ABSOLUTELY IS!!! NEVER count anyone out b/c you just don't know what God has planned for them.

It will obviously be a long road for her but who knows what she might do. Going from deaths door to what she is now then the sky is the limit for her.

Please continue the prayers b/c she still needs them and her family needs the strength to do what they need to do to assist in her recovery.


Becca said...

This is such an uplifting story! We are all hooked now. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and we will keep the prayers coming.

Kelly said...

Great news!!! I'm so glad to hear happy progress reports. Keem em coming.

The Lewis's said...

Amazing Dawn! So glad to hear she is improving each day!

Teresa said...

Glad she is improving. She sounds like an amazing lady. Continued prayers from this end.