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Friday, June 12, 2009

She's a FIGHTER!!!!

She is FIGHTING!! She isn't leaving her family that easy it seems.

I did not get to go in and see Sabrina yesterday b/c the time frame I was there they weren't allowing visitors b/c they wanted her to rest.

Sabrina's sister-in-law was telling me that yesterday morning her and Sabrina's brother went in to see her and he got right up in her face and was talking to her and all of the sudden she focused on him (previously her eyes were just going back and forth from in-voluntary movement). He continued to talk to her and she started nodding yes and no. They went to tell the Dr. and of course he looked at them like they were crazy and said he would be back there in a few minutes. A few minutes later he went back there and started examining her and a big grin came over his face and he looked at them and said "SHE IS RESPONDING". They called the neurologist and he came in a few hours later and confirmed again that she had woken up. They put a feeding tube in her stomach (previously they weren't going to bother b/c it was too traumatic and they really didn't think there was a need in it) and they started slowly backing of the pressure from the ventilator and she started breathing more and more on her own.

My sister got to see her last night and she nodded at her and looked at her and tried to move her arm to touch her. The nurse assured her that those were NOT in-voluntary movements and that she was doing that on her own. The nurse was stunned. She told my family that she did not expect to see Sabrina still there last night (thought she would have passed on) and that we must have an in with GOD!!! My sister just smiled and said "WE DO".

Seriously, this is a miracle, there is no other way to describe it. I cannot tell you how many people are praying for her. We have a large family and we have all told at least 10 people and those people have put her on prayer chains and told their friends and family and it has been passed on from there. It is working for sure!! There is no other explanation to it b/c medically it should not be happening.

We of course don't know if this is temporary or if this is long term all we know is for now we have to go with it and just be thankful that we have her with us a little longer and she is giving it all she's got. If nothing else it is a wonderful time for everyone to say a quality "see ya later" and to always believe in MIRACLES. Of course we are hoping for the best and that she is with us a little bit longer on earth.


Thank you all so much for the support and the prayers, I can't tell you how much it means to me and my family. This blog community is SO GREAT. I can't believe the ones of you that are following my story and sending up the prayers. THANK YOU!!!


Becca said...

Dawn, this is such great news! I hope she continues to improve. The prayers do not go un-noticed. We will keep praying!!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy it as best you can.


Christina said...

I'm all teared up now!! I can't beleive the turn around for your cousin. It is a miracle for sure. Looks like she has some more of herself left to give. Keep us updated and I am so happy for you!

The Lewis's said...

oh wow Dawn! That is soo amazing! I am so glad to hear that she is responding and everyone is getting to see Sabrina! Miracles do happen:) I will continue to think and pray for you family through this tough time! Love ya!

Christina said...

As always thank you for your help! I am sure it is a mental thing as well, it's just finding a way to get past it. I know once winter hits, the TM will be my only source so I better start liking it now! I do have a few questions for you about fueling and that. Could I email you a few of my questions??