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Friday, June 5, 2009

Out of town - on a mission w/ a plan.

I will be traveling out of town Sunday morning and return Tuesday afternoon. I will be on a business trip. My goal for the trip is to AVOID the bread basket and the dessert. I can do this. I will do this! I don't want to let a vacation of sorts be an added 2-3 pounds like it really could be if you just let yourself go.

I will take my own snacks like nuts, protein bars and carrot sticks and eat those during the snack breaks of the meetings. We will have a b-fast buffet but I am hoping it is more than pastries. I think it will be and I can choose oatmeal, fruit and eggs or a combination of those. Lunch and dinner is provided for a few nights but I feel good about it being decent choices and I can choose a rather healthy option.

The great thing is that this hotel has a gym and one of my co-workers already told me she was going to exercise if I wanted to come along. She knows I work out in the mornings and she isn't good at getting up so she said I could call her and we could get up and head to the gym. This is really GREAT b/c now I feel a responsibility to get her up and to the gym which will only help me. So the goal is Monday and Tuesday morning workouts. Even if it is 30 minutes on the TM it is better than not doing it at all. To be honest I have NEVER exercised on a vacation of any sort so this will be a first for me.

So, stay tuned on Wednesday when I return to my computer so I can fill you in on how I really did and if I stuck to my snack, no bread and no dessert plan and of course if I made it to the gym those two mornings.

Have a great weekend everyone! Keep the food clean and the workouts dirty!


Brandi said...

Good luck on the trip! I know you are strong and will do well! There have been a couple of times I have worked out while on a trip and it felt great to know I was strong enough to keep it up!!

Christina said...

Have fun on your work trip. Well.....as fun as work can be anyways!! :)

Great job on planning out your exercise while your there. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Becca said...

I LOVE IT! You sound like you have a plan and that is the key. You're right, most restaurants have healthy (enough) choices as long as you avoid the bad things... I am seeing lowfat yogurt in your breakfast bar future...

Have a great/safe trip!

Teresa said...

Have a safe trip. Hope the will power stays with you through the bread and desserts, that can be a tough one. As for exercise, you'll knock that out of the park.

The Lewis's said...

Good Luck on your trip Dawn! It sounds like you will have a good time. I bet you will do great sticking to your plan:)