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Monday, February 23, 2009

19 days!!! Seriously, this is getting close!

I am LESS THAN 3 WEEKS away from the biggest personal accomplishment of my life. I was thinking about this the other morning when I ran 10 miles from 5AM to 7AM (lots of thinking time you know) and how this truly is the hardest I have ever pushed myslef in my life. I remember thinking getting my college education after 10 years being out of high school was big and it was. I am SUPER PROUD of that achievement but when I look back on it I was single and didn't have a boyfriend even until later in my program and didn't have kids and didn't have many bills or other responsibilities at all. I studied hard and I did pretty well and I enjoyed the heck out of my animal science program and I am so thankful that I did it and although I had to overcome some obstacles to get it done they are just nothing like the ones I have now.

I could SO EASILY say I don't have the time for marathon training. I work full time, have 2 girls that are young and require a lot of attention and you still have to bathe them, feed them, dress them and the list goes on (not complaining about that by the way, just stating the facts). I also have a husband that has a very busy fall schedule with football coaching and has too many hobbies to mention so he is gone a lot. Although, he has been nothing but helpful and encouraging to me throughougt this journey. I only say all of this to say that IF I CAN DO IT THEN YOU CAN TOO! You just have to want it bad enough. Bad enough that you are willing to get up at 4:45 on a Friday morning to run 10 miles (you really don't have to do that, maybe I was being a marathon over achiever there. haha) or to spend your entire Saturday running 20 miles b/c you are so exhausted afterward to do hardly anything at all. I just pray on those days that my girls don't mind if I don't play with them and I watch them from my recliner and that they go to selep easily. Wouldn't you know it, my two longest runs of 18 and 20 miles are 2 of the weekends that J was out of town. It just works out that way and thankfully I have GREAT parents who step in to help me out and have supported me and encouraged me the last 6 months with my training.

I had someone comment on my blog that they wish they had the will power that I had. Let me tell you this...YOU DO!! You just have to dig as deep as you want to find it. You have the power to do whatever it is that you truly want to do. I read a quote once that said if you want to see peoples priorities then look how they spend their time then you can see what is truly important to each person in their individual lives.

Here is the quote exactly: "The importance of things can be measured by how much time we are willing to invest in them. The more time you give to something, the more you reveal its importance and value to you. If you want to know a person's priorities, just look at how they use their time".

So do what is important to you and if that means running a marathon then I challenge you to go for it. I am just a regular young Mom who set a goal that pushes my limits a little farther than I ever thought I could go. I promise, you won't regret it.


kilax said...

I love this post! We can do it! Most of us are physically able, we just have to want it hard enough, and commit the time, like you said.

I would be super proud and excited too. It's a big deal. I can't believe it is so soon! :)

Tiffa said...

Wow! What a truly inspirational post. I love reading your blog and seriously, I commend you on getting this far and I know you will do awesome in your marathon in just a few short weeks because you radiate this imminent attitude of optimism and happiness. Keep it up and I definetly look forward to a full race day report!

The Lewis's said...

Awesome post Dawn! You have done absolutely amazing training for the marathon!

Anonymous said...

Great job girl! Keep it up and I know that your big day will be AWESOME!!

kat said...

What a great entry! I found you through dietcoke&zingers, and just recently started reading about your training. It's very inspiring, esp as I train for my first 1/2 marathon! I don't have the kids, yet, but I hope that when I do, I can still set out to accomplish feats such as these, even if means lots of juggling!

Good luck in your race - I'll be cheering for you. And you will rock it, I'm sure!