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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 days and a Mothers RANT

I am staying consistent. YEAH!! I have done 2 of my short runs this week and two 10 minutes ab/core sessions. I am feeling good! I am also making a point to stretch a little bit after each run. Gotta stay healthy and injury free. I am just too close to the end of this journey not too. PLEASE OH PLEASE DO NOT LET ME GET HURT!

So get this story. Chloe had a school function where her class and I guess some others were going to a local high school to hear a childrens singer. This year his theme was "ocean" so they sent out a note about 2 weeks ago encouraging the kids to dress as sailors, pirates, beach goers or just dress in blue. I HATE THIS KIND OF STUFF b/c you know how you want your kid to fit in and look as good and feel good about themselves as all of the other kids. Well, I was thinking that every kid would dress up and look so cute and I didn't want Chloe to be left out. I also did not want to spend a lot of money or any at all to get ready for this. I mean she has beach going clothes but it is winter here for heavens sake. So, I put my creative husband on the task and he comes up with a really cute "girl pirate" outfit she can wear. We only had to buy a black bandana. So my Mom takes Chloe to school this morning and what do you know... SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE DRESSED UP!!!! Seriously, the only one out of 14 other kids dressed up. My Mom said no one else even had on blue. GEEZ!!! Was I the only parent that got the memo?

Isn't there a saying something like "90% of what you worry about never even happens". Well, this is a GREAT EXAMPLE of that.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd be so mad! Did she change into normal clothes or stay dressed as a pirate?

The Lewis's said...

Oh man that stinks!!!! I hate that!

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Wouldn't you know! Funny story!