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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knee update!

Went to the chiropractor today and got a semi good report on my knee. I have patella tendinitis which is inflammation of the patella tendon that is above and below your knee cap and connects to the Tibia. Basically it is just aggravated from over use. Most likely if the muscles in my shin and quad were stronger then this might not be effected (note to self, next time I do a marathon I will have to make more time to do lower body strength training).

Anyway, he said this is common in runners and is nothing that will keep me from completing my marathon. He did some rehab type stuff to it while I was there and he taped it with this tape stuff that will help it feel better and I can keep running as normal. I will go back to see him next Monday afternoon and that will be the day after my 12 miler (I am doing it on Sunday). I have also been instructed to ICE it after every run and more often throughout the day if I have time. Ice it for 15 minutes then let it rest for at least 30 minutes and ice again another 15 and repeat when able. to.

The chiro also gave me a compliment, he said "Dawn, I really thought I would see you in here with more injuries over the course of your training, you have obviously trained well and hard and it has paid off, I am proud of you." I thought that was SO NICE! It made me feel so good.

So please continue to say a little pray for my knee b/c I still need that and I will do what he says and hopefully all will be good. After the race it is major rest time and then it is STRENGTH TRAINING GALORE! Watch out FAT b/c you are going to MELT AWAY!


The Graves Gang said...

Praying that your knee will soon be on the mend!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!You are an inspiration to me..

kat said...

Yeah for a good report (or rather, that it's nothing serious and you can still run your race) on your knee!!!

I've got to run 9mi this weekend, and I'm thinking it's gonna be the treadmill (in the gym), given the weather forecast. Any advice, since I know you just did 10 on TM??? (Longest I've gone is 6mi)

Here's hoping your knee doesn't give you any more pain!!!

Teresa said...

I'm glad it isn't serious. I'm sure you felt really good after he complimented you on your training. Good luck with the 12 miler.

The Lewis's said...

That is wonderful news from the Dr!!!

The Lewis's said...

I tagged you. See my blog:)

Juli said...

GREAT NEWS ON YOUR KNEE!!! I can't wait to hear all about your marathon. You have definitely taken your training to a whole new level. GOOD FOR YOU!!