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Monday, June 2, 2008

Great weekend!

Well we had a blast Saturday night with my BIL's 21st birthday celebration. I hope to post pictures tomorrow for your enjoyment.

My food was really good this weekend and I made some really good choices like grilled chicken salad w/ honey/lime vinagarette dressing instead of chicken strips and ranch. I did eat 2 small ribs and 1 small onion ring as a treat. Then I opted for a turkey sandwich instead of fried chicken on Sunday. I think all of those little decisions like that add up in the long run and help you shed the fat.

As for exercise, well I am slacking in that area but I plan to pick it up really soon...maybe even tomorrow morning.

I have a busy week at work today b/c we are making the last minute preparations for a conference our office is putting on that will be this coming weekend starting on Sunday.

Today's food:
B - 1 egg and 1 egg substitute omelet w/ 3/4 oz. cheese
S - 15 almonds
L - flatout wrap, turkey, 1/4 avocado, 15 carrots, laughing cow cheese
S - 100 cal pack kettle popcorn and protein shake
D - rotisserie chicken and sauteed squash

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