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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh yea, still going strong!

4 days in a row of good eating. I did really well at the bunko event last night. They had chicken salad and I ate some on one small dinner roll then I got some just on my plate to eat. I did eat some of a cheese ball with 8 crackers and I had one serving of tortilla chips (14) w/ some salsa. I passed on the dessert and drank several cups of water through the night. I was very pleased with myself! Then I came home and my hubby had ice cream and a slushy fron sonic and I passed on both of those too. I have another great food day planned for today and then I am just going to finish out the week with good stuff on Thursday and Friday. I am saving my splurge meal for Monday night b/c we are having a conference at work and we are going to a seafood place in town and I LOVE ME SOME FRIED SHRIMP so I am going to partake in that and also in some turtle cheesecake.

Food today:
B - 1 egg and 1 egg substitute omelet w/ 3/4 oz. of cheese
S - 15 almonds and protein shake
L - SBD wrap, 15 carrots and laughing cow wedge
S - protein bar
D - 2 grilled chicken tenders on the george forman with some sautteed mushrooms and onions on top and sautteed squash on the stove.

Oh by the way, still no exercise, yes I am slacking, just being lazy on that end but I am keeping my food good and that is 80% of the battle so I would say I am still doing o.k. It is amazing how slim I feel and how slim I look in the mirror from just keeping this food so good. It makes the BIGGEST difference.

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The Lewis's said...

Good job on the food Dawn! I also love fried shrimp:) yum!