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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm back but I am not productive!

Man I am sleepy. This conference took the energy right out of me. I will get it back though. I just need a couple good nights of rest. Of course my DD#2 never gets up and last night she did. I had to go get her and get her back to sleep. That was unusual.

I am very pleased with my food over the conference. I took my own snacks so I was not tempted to eat the candy bars and snack crackers. I did eat 3 famous amos choc. chip cookies and boy those tasted good. I love those things. I did really well at the meals and I did indulge in a splurge meal on Monday night with fried shrimp, crab cake and french fries with turtle cheesecake for dessert. WOW! I hadn't had that stuff in a while. It was good and worth it. Now I am back on my plan until I leave for my vacation next Friday. I will get in 3 exercise days this week. Since it is already Wednesday though and I haven't done any I better get to it. My plan is Thursday and Friday morning and then Saturday during the day while the girls are asleep then I will not do anything on Sunday.

ok, I must get caught up on all of my work that was here while I was gone.


Juli said...

You're doing AWESOME!!! Hang in there and all of this hard work will pay off. It is always a good idea to have those splurge (cheat days)meals every once in awhile to keep us motivated.

The Lewis's said...

Great job on the food Dawn!