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Friday, June 13, 2008

New (temporary) addition to our family

We would like to welcome MOLLY!!! Yes, she is our new pig or should I say my daughters new show pig. My husband grew up showing pigs at the local county fair and state fair and we thought Chloe might enjoy it so here we go. Chloe is 3 1/2 so we will see how it goes. The fair is in late August and she has seen her cousins show their pigs and she says she will do it. She seems to be getting used to Molly rather quickly but it might be a different story when she is out in the arena with a lot of other kids and each of their pigs. We are just hoping for the best. The great news is that Molly is such a nice, gentle and docile pig. I mean super duper gentle as far as pigs go. She never gets excited or runs or even attempts to knock Chloe over (so far anyway). Which getting knocked over by a pig is about the worst thing that can happen but for a little girl that weighs about 32 pounds and a pig that weighs 100 already (and still growing) getting knocked over would not be fun. I am not worried about that with Molly though. I love pigs! My major in college was Animal Science mostly inspired by my love of horses but when I was in college I was able to work a part time job with pigs and I really enjoyed it. Believe it or not they have such personality and they are just neat and fun animals. I might be enjoying Molly as much as Chloe is. I never showed animals when I was younger but I wish I would have. If they only had pig showing for adults. Oh well.

So here goes, here is Miss Chloe and her sweet pig "MISS MOLLY":
Disclaimer: she is a pig remember so she is rather dirty, she looks A LOT better when she is clean. I will get some more pics after we give her a bath the next time.


~Les said...

That piggy is so cute, but what I really LOVE is Chloe and her boots. What precious pics!



The Lewis's said...

That is wonderful! Chloe is going to love it! I had a great time showing pigs when I was younger. I can't wait to see Chloe out in the show ring:)

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Love the pictures!

The Lewis's said...

Tag your it-see my blog:)