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Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 days!!! TEN TEN TEN!

Now the real countdown begins...TEN DAYS until the marathon. SERIOUSLY???

I can't wait to see my Phit-N-Phat friends. Several are coming in to do the marathon relay and then of course Corinne is running the marathon with Jess, Julie and I.

I got my running jacket that I will most likely start out the race in and then shed it at some point then probablyput it back on afterwards depeneding on how warm it is. I remember last year during the race (I did the marathon relay) I wore shorts and shorts sleeve shirt but I had on long sleeves before and then after it was chilly so I had to put the long sleeves back on.

My new found friend Amanda at Bibs and Cribs did it for me. She is VERY TALENTED!!! Click on the bibs and cribs link to see my jacket.

As of now I am planning to wear black running pants. I really prefer to run in shorts but it is so difficult to find shorts that don't ride up when you run. I have 1 pair that does pretty well with not doing that but they still do. I think I will just go with the running pants since I have been running in them all training season. I don't want to switch now and then have the shorts rub me in areas I don't want to be rubbed. 26 miles is along way to be uncomfortable. I can't imagine it will be that warm in LR. I can check the 10 day forecast tomorrow and it will show next Sunday. Can't wait to see what kind of weather they are predicting. PLEASE NO RAIN!

My knee is doing better it seems. I will run on it for about 6-8 miles this weekend so I am anxious to see how it does then.

All is going well ya'll. Just counting down the days until I cross that finish line. I CANNOT WAIT!


Kelly said...

I'm rooting for ya! I'm sure you'll do fantastic. :)

I ran one 5k last summer and it was a blast. I did it for the tee shirt. I am most proud of it. I earned it. :)

Amanda said...

You are amazing! I really am so proud of you, Marathon Mom! I know you will do great!

Amanda said...

You are amazing! I really am so proud of you, Marathon Mom! I know you will do great!

Anonymous said...

Love the jacket! I'd do the pants too! I did 8 miles once in a pair of shorts that rubbed - it SUCKED!

kat said...

your excitement is growing, and is contageous!!! i'm excited for you, and starting to get excited for my race, too!

glad to hear the knee is starting to feel better! hope it continues to do so - tell it just 10 more days! :)

Teresa said...

I Love your jacket, you should frame it with your medal after the race. Hope your knee holds up.

kilax said...

I love the beautiful jacket! Will you tie it around your waist once you get too hot to wear it?